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We are fundraising to help divert and transform organic waste from the waste system into a resource to help our community take powerful steps towards our Zero Waste goals, rebuilding our soils, and regenerating our natural ecosystems.

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The Clean Wave Community Compost Project and Campaign

This is a community-initiated action to remove organic waste from the municipal waste system by taking responsibility for our own waste. This project rejects the idea that organic “waste” is waste at all, but rather a source of valuable nutrients that can be returned to the soil and used to grow food and regenerate our natural ecosystems. By keeping “organic waste” within a local circular system, we seek not only to reduce our negative impact on the environment, but also to have a positive impact on our environment and the community as a whole.

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Costa Rica lacks infrastructure for adequate solid waste management systems
Many people, especially in rural areas, do not have access to any waste collection services.
Improper Disposal
Waste is burned, dumped in rivers, or accumulated in open landfills
Recycling Not Recycled
Negligible recycling efforts, much of what is collected for recycling goes to the same destination as garbage
Ordinary Solid Waste
1.3 million tons of ordinary solid waste (OSW) per year
Back in the Ocean
Most of Costa Rica's plastic waste (up to 80%) ends up in the ocean, the rest is burned, dumped in often unregulated landfills, and a very small percentage is recycled.
Improper Storage
Garbage dumps: odor, disease vector, mosquito breeding, attracts animals, leaching of chemicals, waste is not contained
Toxic Habits
Garbage burning: releases toxins into the air, reduces air quality, and contributes to climate change.
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Waste management

We take responsibility for reducing the burden on the distressed waste system as we take steps to achieve our zero waste goals.

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Why organic waste?

Community composting on this scale has been carried out successfully around the world as an approach to intercepting organic waste and there are abundant models to use as a guide throughout the development of this project.

Research from these other companies and organizations can help us choose which methods will work for us as a Tamarindo community and will be modified to fit the Pura Vida of Costa Rica mindset. Community composting has the potential for a high degree of community participation with tangible results in the form of fertile compost in a relatively short period of time, presenting abundant educational opportunities and participation throughout the compost collection process.

The life cycle from organic waste to compost and food is relatively short, only 4 to 6 months, allowing for rapid feedback and modification in the early stages. This initiative also carries potential job opportunities within the community and as an economically self-sufficient clean wave project, providing money to perpetuate community composting in Tamarindo in the long term.

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Community Compost Project Summary

Start up/Pilot Phase

Thanks to our research volunteers, we have started planning our community composting project. We will update the plan as we go and share our results with the rest of the community and the world at large.

A pilot project will launch first, collecting organic waste from some of our partner businesses and local residents.

Long-term operations

Create Green Zone collection points to improve collection and sorting … both to capture organic waste for compost development, and to help sort plastic and other recyclable materials.

Sources of organic waste

The desire for community compost is not new to Tamarindo. We have many local partner organizations and businesses who want to participate and divert their organic waste. We are starting with committed partners who will help us to trial and improve our collection and composting system. These partners include:

Compost distribution:

Compost can be used to build our soils, grow healthy food, and regenerate our forests. Our compost will be sold, donated, and used in our community projects including:

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At the heart of The Clean Wave is a dedication to connecting community. There are many ways to partner with us. It starts with simply connecting.
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if you share the same dream, please help us to make this true

We believe Tamarindo can be a Zero Waste Community. We focus on building an energized and connected community that comes together to make meaningful impacts.

We invite you to be part of the community and join us. See more about our Community Compost and Beach Clean Up. Together we can create clean healthy environments.