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Urbano 106FM

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Urbano106 (105.9fm), El Prado, San José Province, Curridabat, Costa Rica

Urbano 106FM

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Founded in 2006 under the name of Beatz 106, this station has been in constant evolution, previously known as Radio Urbano and today under the name of Urbano 106 .

As an independent station, it operates in its own sphere, and is very open to collaboration, negotiation, while maintaining its essence. Advertise on Urbano 106

Our music court allows us to have a faithful and constant audience that is part of the success, since we work under a guideline of sister or similar musical genres, which allow the listener to taste our programming, even if one of its genres is not yours. favorite.

The style is 100% Urban composed exclusively of Reggae Roots, the most popular genre at the moment in the country, both in Spanish and English, with a lot of trend and movement day by day for young people, Reggae Dancehall, one of the strongest genres that has been maintained through the years as a popular taste of the Costa Rican people, Classic Reggae and Old School (of the old school), not only popular but also global, the essence of the entire movement associated with the music of Bob Marley and the like. the time, and those issues that many of us grew up with.

In addition, HipHop is one of the most elite currents here in the country, which has been growing strongly, with its followers, closely associated with and focused on the upper classes of society.

This formula allows us to have an audience that grows day by day, joining more to our projects and believing in our image and brand.

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