Underwater Clean Ups

Coral Restoration, and Species Monitoring

Our Goal

Conserve our reefs and restore the coral for the health of underwater species and so that people can enjoy their natural beauty

Coral Reefs are critical ecosystems, let's ensure their survival

Coral reef are some of the hardest locations to conserve because they require specialized skills and equipment to access. Reefs are often used as dumping grounds for large, heavy waste like metal, old boats, tires, and equipment. This debris damages the reef, and limits its ability to grow. Reefs are also prone to fishing gear, like ropes and nets, getting entangled in the coral because of it’sshape. This equipment sits on the reef, degrading it, and entangling other debris.

Coral reefs are critical ecosystems for the health of both the land and ocean, and offer essential habitat, food, and breeding grounds for countless species, many of which are endangered.

Restoring and protecting them is absolutely necessary and the Clean Wave is working with our partners and sponsors to tackle this challenging task. We are training more people to dive, identifying reefs in trouble, cleaning up these sites, restoring the coral, and monitoring essential species.

We're up for the challenge! Are You?

Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors

BA Divers is a company that is committed to responsible diving practices and sustainability in the marine environment. They share our values and have been a key partner in our efforts to protect and conserve our oceans. BA Divers has also played an active role in raising awareness about the importance of ocean conservation among their clients and the wider community.

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Manta de Costa Rica is a non-profit organization that seeks the protection of oceanic mantas mobula birostris through their monitoring and understanding. The Clean Wave Foundation joins this effort by creating an alliance in which we can disseminate and present the population how wonderful this species is and how important it is to the health of our oceans

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Our Approach to Coral Reef Restoration

Identify the location and what actions are needed

Based on local knowledge and experience by our community and the diving agencies, we identify sights where reefs used to be or are struggling to exist due to significant trash build up and pollution.  

Were currently operating in Hermosa and Ocotal

Intervene and clean up the reef

We take direct intervention in the identified location to remove the trash that is interfering with the health of the ecosystem.

The most common items include: tires, anchors, batteries, scrap metal, motorcycles, plastic, nets and ropes, and sunken boats.

We also offer PADI certification courses to expand our team of trained divers and get more people in the water.

Integrate restoration, research and education

Guided by experts, we’re replanting coral in innovative ways that ensure maximum survival.

We’re also teaming up with researchers to monitor the recovery of the ecosystem including keystone species like Manta Rays. 

Education and community engagement is always central to the success of our initiatives.

We believe Tamarindo can be a Zero Waste Community. We focus on building an energized and connected community that comes together to make meaningful impacts.

We invite you to be part of the community and join us. See more about our Community Compost and Beach Clean Up. Together we can create clean healthy environments.