Help Us Fundraise for our Vivero

We are fundraising to build fertile soil, grow healthy seedlings, and regenerate our native forests.

When we plant young trees as part of our reforestation projects, we want to ensure they have the best chance of success, come from local seeds that are adapted for our environment, and are as healthy as possible. 

We are currently fundraising to buy the compost bins we need to start our pilot project. 

This fundraiser will help us:

We’ve carefully selected 1000L composters from Mileniotres because of their large capacity, duribility, ease of use, and quality composting process. Each Compost Bin costs $400 and we’d like to buy 2 to kick off our pilot project.

They are also made of recycled plastic!

Our vision is to divert all the organic waste in our community and transform it into a valuable resource, compost, that can positively impact our community.

We want to take all of our food scraps, landscaping materials, coffee grounds, and other organic materials, and use them to build healthy, nutrient rich soils, grow our food, and regenerate our natural ecosystems.

This project is a powerful step towards building these circular systems that create healthy relationships between people and the environment, and enable us all to thrive as a community. 

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Be part of the change

if you share the same dream, please help us bring it into reality

We believe Tamarindo can be a Zero Waste Community. We focus on building an energized and connected community that comes together to make meaningful impacts.

We invite you to be part of the community and join us. See more about our Community Compost and Beach Clean Up. Together we can create clean healthy environments.